Paddles and Saddles Special

It’s springtime in Jackson! The sun is shining. Life is emerging after the stillness of winter. Grass is growing and animals are everywhere. It’s hard to leave the house without seeing a moose this time of year. Spring also means it’s time for one of our most popular specials. Come celebrate spring and summer in Jackson with Spring Creek Ranch’s Paddles and Saddles Special.

This combination of horse back riding and river rafting spans two days and makes it easy for you to try some of Jackson Hole’s most popular activities. Day one begins with lunch at the Granary restaurant, which is known for both its excellent food and breathtaking view of the Grand Tetons. This is a local favorite for lunch with a view due to the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the mountains.

Following lunch is an hour horseback ride to the top of the East Gros Ventre ridgeline. Get acquainted with your inner cowboy as you ride along the trail. Jackson Hole is known as “the last of the old West.” No better place to saddle up and ride the trails. You will enjoy a spectacular view on horseback, since the ridge gives a 360-degree view of the valley, including the town of Jackson and the Grand Teton mountain range. This is the best photo-op in town.

Is someone nervous about horses? Don’t be. These horses are excellently trained and all very used to first time riders. Also, Spring Creek Ranch’s W.W. Guides are there to make sure you have an enjoyable and safe trip.

The following day, it’s rafting time! There is a great divide here in Jackson. Some people are crazy about white water rafting and others argue that a scenic float is the best way to see the river. It comes down to adrenalin versus information and sightseeing. To be fair, white water rafting will also give you some great information and sightseeing, but it’s adrenalin heavy. A scenic float will also have an element of thrilling adventure, but it’s not going to get your heart pumping. That is unless you decide to jump in the river!

The best news is that we had around 500 inches of snowfall this winter. That means that there is a lot of runoff water feeding the Snake River. This guarantees good rafting conditions.

Both rafting options offer the opportunity to see wildlife. Bald eagles are a common sighting on the Snake River. Your guide is there to answer questions, make cheesy jokes and ensure you have the best time possible.

In my experience, each guide has a special strength. Some know a lot about the environment, some are keen animal spotters, and some will tell you stories that are going to blow your mind (which may or may not be true). Every guide has one thing in common. They absolutely love the river. They are going to be able to let you in on secrets about the river that they have learned over time, taking multiple raft trips a day. And, as luck would have it, most of them are pretty chatty, so feel free to ask questions and have fun.

Now, does that sound like a great way to spend two days or what?

To learn more visit Paddles and Saddles or call 1(800) 443-6139.

Spa Day

I love everything about skiing and the great outdoors..almost. I want to be outdoorsy and active but I want my skin to be young, smooth and beautiful. I don’t care if you are a man or woman, twenty or eighty. We all want to look good. That rugged mountain man look is out. Ok, not really. I still love a rugged mountain man with big strong arms and a beard. But, the skin that accompanies a rugged mountain man is out for everyone!

When I moved to Jackson from LA I was in heaven. Being surrounded by so much natural beauty and so many fun outdoor activities was a dream come true. Over the first year though I realized that the climate was taking a toll on my skin. The winters are wet, cold and dry. In the summer, the sun is extremely intense due to the high altitude and the air is extra dry.

Don’t get me wrong. Jackson Hole is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The mountain views are incredible. The wildlife is amazing. The opportunities for outdoor adventures will blow your mind. Living here is a joy for me. I’ve been lucky to travel a lot but I would still put Jackson Hole on the top of my list for dream destinations.

Putting extra effort into maintaining my skin is a very small price to pay for all that Jackson offers. The special attention must be paid though or things start to get ugly. When you come, you want to make sure to bring some extra moisturizer. It really is dry.

A blustery day of powder skiing or day hiking in Grand Teton National Park is heaven for everything except your skin. You are bound to be a little wind chapped. The outdoor time is always worth it but it’s important to counteract the effects of all of the sun and wind. Beyond using sunscreen and moisturizing regularly, I highly recommend you make a trip to the Spring Creek Ranch Spa part of your travel plans.

You will be exposing your skin to a harsher climate than it is probably used to and some extra loving for your skin will be in order. Spring Creek Ranch makes it super easy for you to restore or protect your skin. The world-class spa will leave you pampered and better than new.

There are a variety of facial treatments for you to choose from. Why stop with the face though? With the addition of a full body treatment you will be pampered and refreshed from head to toe. Whether you choose to indulge in a 90 minute Divine Detox Wrap or unwind with a Spirit Journey compression treatment, you are bound to walk away from Spring Creek’s Wilderness Adventure Spa feeling refreshed and renewed.

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the action and adventure that Jackson has to offer. The best ski resort in the country and so many other options, such as Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, dogsledding, natural hot springs, hot tubs, snowmobiling, hiking, biking, rafting and more! Enjoy all that Jackson has to offer but remember to take care of your body and your skin. After all, it’s great to go home from vacation feeling and looking refreshed.

Want to learn more? Make sure to visit the Spring Creek Spa Page for more details on the divine service offerings at this mountainside oasis.

You Need Romance. You Need a Sleigh Ride.

Listen up, men. Valentine’s Day is important. We all just survived the holidays. Let’s be real. Chances are the woman in your life took care of all of the scheduling, gift buying (or at least all of the wrapping), food prepping and general holiday organizing. This beautiful creature just pushed herself to the absolute limit to create a festive spirit and memories of a lifetime. She is exhausted and wants some romance. This is why the greeting card industry got away with creating this holiday known as Valentine’s Day. They suggested we all celebrate love and romance and exhausted women everywhere clung to the idea with a vengeance. Holidays are exhausting. Winters are long and cold. Save yourself some trouble; give yourself over to the idea of Valentine’s Day. Plan some romance.

Ok. Had to lay the smack down. Sorry, I’m not sorry. Now, here is a simple solution for your romance deficit.

Sleigh rides are powerfully romantic. I once contemplated marrying a man after he took me on a sleigh ride at Spring Creek Ranch. We had been on a few dates. I was pretty sure that he really liked me; after all, he was taking me on dates that included big romance. Example A: the sleigh ride. I was pretty sure I wasn’t that into him. I was 24 and just didn’t feel it. What can I say? Love is a fickle beast.

I agreed to the date but was already planning my exit strategy. I was deciding between, “I really like spending time with you, but I don’t see a future here…” and “I’m busy next week and the week after that but… maybe we could hang again next month.” My 24-year-old self was not my best self.

Something about the sleigh ride though started to shift my thinking. It was so quiet. The blanket was so warm. The horses were so majestic. The view was so breathtaking. The setting was so intimate. I don’t really know how the sleigh ride was so magical and romantic but it was. We followed it with dinner at the Granary. The views, watching the sunset over the Tetons, kind-of clinched the deal.

My date was no longer a guy I was about to ditch. He was my new romantic hero. He was a man who knew how to treat a lady right. I started thinking about a future with him, and that night, the future looked good. Sure, our chemistry was only so-so and we had very little in common. None of that mattered because the romance of the evening was so strong.

We ended up going on a few more dates, none of which included a sleigh ride and the relationship fizzled. Sleigh rides are not a magical cure-all. They are extremely romantic though. If they can make me contemplate a marriage to a man I didn’t even get along with that well, imagine what they can do for people who really like each other?
Good luck, men.


I’m semi-notorious for my love of snowshoeing. Somehow a rumor has even been started around town that I’m into “extreme snowshoeing.” While I don’t know exactly what “extreme snowshoeing” is, I’m definitely an enthusiast. With so many adrenaline pumping winter sports like skiing and snowboarding stealing the spotlight in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I think snowshoeing is being overlooked and under-rated. I first discovered snowshoeing after a skiing injury and even though I’m back shredding on skis, my love of snowshoeing remains. Here are my top 5 reasons why snowshoeing is awesome and you should add it to your winter sports roster.

1.) Peace and Quiet.

In Jackson, you can experience a level of silence and stillness in nature that is practically going extinct in this busy and buzzing world. I love skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort or speeding along on a snow mobile but they don’t offer the type of meditative silence that can be found when snowshoeing.

2.) Cardio.

Snowshoeing is a great workout but it also doesn’t have to be strenuous. Depending on the depth of snow you choose to walk through, it’s either an incredible cardio workout or a light walk. Unlike hiking or skinning up a mountain to go backcountry skiing, snowshoeing is an easy, low-risk way to get a cardio workout during the winter. Also, you don’t need miles and miles of terrain to cover, unlike skate skiing, because you won’t be covering more than a few miles to get your workout.

3.) Anyone can do it.

Snowshoeing is great for people of all ages and activity levels. As they say, if you can walk, you can snowshoe. I always take my out of town guests on a snowshoe because it’s a low-key adventure. Usually after a few days of skiing in the Village, my guests are ready for a break and looking to explore more terrain. Snowshoeing is easy on the body but can get you to some great vistas. If you want to come to Jackson to ski but the rest of your group isn’t as athletic, a day of snowshoeing is a great compromise. Everyone can get outdoors and enjoy the beauty without any complications or complaints.

4.) Conversation.

The peace and quiet of a snowshoe adventure also means that it is a great time to chat with friends. Side by side, walking through the snow, you have a chance to really talk to your companion, unlike a lot of other winter sports. Snowshoeing is the hiking of winter. The simplicity of the activity means you can focus on your talk or the beauty around you. This is why snowshoeing is one of my favorite friend-date options.

5.) Wildlife.

Guided snowshoe treks with naturalists, like one offered as Spring Creek Resort, are a great opportunity to learn about the wildlife of Jackson Hole and their winter habits. An expert can help you find animal tracks and explain the animals winter behaviors. You may even spot a moose or two!

Top 3 Lesser Known Reasons to Ski in Jackson Hole

Let me be real with you. I seriously doubt you need much convincing to come to Jackson Hole to ski. I’m not here to give you the hard sell on why you should be booking your trip to for this winter immediately. Umm… Have you seen the pictures? Did you know Jackson Hole Mountain Resort was recently voted the #1 Ski Resort in North America by Powder Magazine? There are so many obvious reasons to come ski in Jackson Hole that I’m actually going to assume you already know them.

Here are, in my opinion, the top 3 lesser known reasons why you should be massively excited about your ski trip to Jackson Hole. From a local who is in love with skiing in Jackson, here’s what you could miss out on your trip if you aren’t paying close attention.

1. You have access to a lot of experts.

Living in Jackson isn’t easy. The winters are long and the cost of housing is high. This isn’t the type of place that you just sort of accidentally end up living. Everyone who lives here full-time does so because they absolutely adore Jackson Hole.< What does this have to do with your vacation? There are ski experts everywhere.

My best advice is to talk to a Ski Host. There are Ski Hosts around most of the lifts at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. I’m lucky enough to know a lot of Ski Hosts and they are an invaluable resource. Most of them have been skiing the mountain for years, are great athletes and are more than happy to help you figure out the best route for your adventure down the mountain. They will be standing around in the cold looking for people to help. Get your face out of your map and talk to a Ski Host. I promise they know the killer trails that are right for your skill level.

2. Jackson is a rare breed of town and one that is in danger of extinction.

I’ve been visiting Jackson for almost twenty-five years. I’ve seen a lot of growth in that time but the true character of the town remains the same. There is a reason it’s called “the last of the old west.”Jackson is still a little rough around the edges, with the influence of cowboys, rowdy bars and wild animals still permeating the culture.

What makes it truly not to be missed though is the cozy, small-town rustic feel is blended with high-quality luxury. This is a place where you can truly unwind and enjoy the relaxed culture in comfort. This is a small tourist town with a strong local culture. Opposed to Vail and Aspen where tourism dominates, Jackson Hole remains a town with distinct character.

3. The food is really delicious.

Yeah, eating out on vacation can be chancy. Let’s be honest, resort towns are not known for the food. Resort towns are typically thought of as places where you are held captive and the food doesn’t have to be delectable. Jackson has an amazing restaurant scene with chefs who are as passionate about the food they make as the powder they ski. The concierge can point you in the right direction, but asking a local about their favorite restaurants and dishes is another surefire way to find the best food for your vacation.

Book now for free skiing

It’s almost ski season! For the rest of the world it may almost be the holiday season, but for us here in Jackson Hole, it is ski season that gets us quivering with excitement. This year is extra thrilling because winter seems to be coming early and strong. While I don’t love having my fall cut short, I’m happy to think that early snow is a sign of a powder filled winter approaching. The thought of gliding effortlessly through light fluffy powder while low clouds fill the Teton Valley floor is giving me chills.

Now, the chance to come to Jackson Hole is wonderful. The chance to ski in Jackson Hole is really wonderful. The chance to stay at a beautiful, luxury hotel that over looks the Grand Tetons and SKI FOR FREE is a wonderful, outrageous, not to be missed experience. That is exactly what Spring Creek Ranch is offering with their special called Ski Free.

You can take advantage of this special by calling, asking about the special, and booking a room between December 1st, 2013 and April 7th, 2014. The offer is not available through online booking so be sure to call (800) 443-6139. Also, the special is based on double occupancy meaning that if you book a hotel room, two bedroom condo or Mountain Villa, you will receive two 3 out of 4 day passes to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. You must book for at least four nights to qualify for the special.

As if it could get easier, Spring Creek Ranch is also making it convenient for their patrons to get their skis this year by working with Ski Butlers. When you rent your equipment from Ski Butlers, someone will both deliver and return your equipment for you and get you fitted for the right boots, skis, helmet and poles right in your own hotel room. No lines. No wait. It really couldn’t be easier.

Oh, wait. Yes, I guess it can. Spring Creek Ranch offers a door to tram shuttle service. That means that you will be picked up at your room or Mountain Villa and taken directly to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, where you will be dropped off about 50 feet from the tram dock. No hassle with parking or trudging through the parking lot in ski boots. Spring Creek Ranch has it all worked out for you.

As if you need another reason to take advantage of this deal, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort was recently named the #1 Overall Resort in North America by the SKI Magazines Annual Reader’s Poll. The SKI Magazine survey is the oldest and most established of its kind in the winter sports industry and voted on by actual readers, making it a top honor.

The Ski Free deal that Spring Creek Ranch is offering through the ski season is truly not to be missed. I live in Jackson Hole, have a season pass to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and shouldn’t really be this excited about the deal. There is no direct benefit for me but I find myself telling my friends and family about the Ski Free special because it is just that good of an offer. Come take advantage of skiing for free at North America’s #1 mountain.

The Coolest Guy in Jackson

Jackson is full of really cool people. You can easily run into pro snowboarders like Travis Rice or celebrities like Harrison Ford. In my opinion though, the coolest guy in Jackson is the bassist Bill Plummer. Lucky for Spring Creek Ranch guests, he’s easy to track down because he plays at the Granary on Friday nights.

Plummer is the sort of guy who whispers follow. Every time I see him play, someone is leaning over to me whispering, “that guy played with the Rolling Stones,” or “that guy played with the Grateful Dead.”He’s been playing jazz since his elementary school days in the 1940s and it seems like the man has played with everyone. I’ve always wanted to corner him on one of his breaks during a set at the Granary and get an in-depth conversation going. I mean, the man was in the studio with the Rolling Stones as they recorded the album “Exile on Main St.” He’s got to have some incredible stories floating just below the surface of his cool jazz persona. I always say hi. I believe I’ve even attempted some prying phrases, like, “wow, so, you’ve played with everyone!?” The thing is, they guy is just too darn cool. The idea of pushing him for information on musical greats makes me feel like a band geek.

I’ve noticed a trend in really cool people over the years. People who have absolutely fascinating lives always seem to be fully immersed in the present moment and not all that interested in spending hours reminiscing about their fascinating past. This is probably what has made them so successful. They keep moving forward, working, looking ahead and, therefore, their life is always becoming more interesting. New great things are always in the works because they don’t spend a ton of time dwelling on the past.

So, as I’m asking dopey, subtle questions, trying to get Plummer to spill his juicy stories to me, he’s just being a normal, cool guy. He’s talking about the night, the weather, the audience, and the music. He’s talking about Pam or Keith Phillips or any of his other fellow musicians on the stage that night. He’s being so fricken cool as everyone geeks out around him.

Here’s the basic scoop. Plummer has played with Willie Nelson, the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, Quincy Jones and Tony Bennett. That is list is just some highlights from a long, long list. He’s studied with Mony Budwig, Herman Reinshang, the principal bassist for the New York Philharmonic, and Ravi Shankar’s school for Indian music. He was constantly learning. In between all the learning he was consistently working, something that he says was easy to do in those days. He went on the road with clarinetist Buddy DeFranco and flutist Paul Horn. He was part of the groups Hindustani Jazz Sextet, Cosmic Brotherhood, Jazz Corps, Gas Food and Lodging, Wild Rose Ramblers, and Spanky and Our Gang. He also played with Tony Bennett’s band, usually at the Coconut Grove in Los Angeles. The man was busy!

Now, he lives in Felt, Idaho and plays at the Granary where we are all lucky enough to get to hear a true music aficionado. I’m not cool enough to do it but somebody needs to sit Plummer down and get all the gritty, behind the scenes stories out of him.  I’ve tried. I can’t. Please, one of you cool people, go to the Granary on Friday night and find out all the insider information for me and report back. I know there are some really good stories to be heard but I’m not cool enough to procure them.

Your Snake River Adventure: Scenic Float or Whitewater?

Scenic Floats on the Snake River - Jackson Hole

There are two options for rafting down the Snake River and I’ve always been struck by how they epitomize the two main sides of Jackson Hole. From one perspective, Jackson is a place of peace and tranquility. This is a great place to get lost in nature. You can take a long walk down a quiet path and listen to the wind as it flutters through the aspen leaves. The striking vistas make it hard not to breathe deeply and clear your mind of everything but the stunning natural beauty of the present moment. I moved to Jackson Hole from Los Angeles and spent the first year marveling daily at how relaxing the environment is compared to city life. The people are nice, happy and friendly and they create an atmosphere that is contagious. A few days in Jackson and it’s hard not to chill out.

Whitewater Rafting on the Snake River

Not everyone comes to Jackson for relaxation though. Jackson is just as much a get away for adrenaline junkies and action addicts as those in search of peace and quiet. In the winter, there is snowmobiling, dogsledding and some of the most extreme skiing terrain in North America. In the summer, there is everything from mountain biking to paragliding. Even a trip to the rodeo will get your heart pumping. There is always a new opportunity for an epic adventure just around the corner. It’s what makes living here, in the mountains, incredibly exciting and fun, although, at times, exhausting.

The balance between these two sides of Jackson is what makes it such a magical place. You can easily experience either the leisure or thrill by taking a rafting trip down the Snake River. Visitors to Jackson frequently ask, should we do the scenic trip or whitewater rafting? To be honest, even locals contemplate the question.

Questions to Ask When Choosing Your River Experience:

Snake River Rafting

Are you looking for relaxation and time to learn about local terrain, history and plants? Would you like to focus on animal sightings? Would you love an opportunity to ask your river guide some questions about the Snake River and Jackson Hole? Do you have children under the age of six? Does the thought of possibly being ejected from the raft and into the water make you shake with fear? If you are answering yes to the previous questions, you should be taking a scenic rafting trip. Click here to learn more about Float Trips on the Snake River

Whitewater Rafting - Jackson Hole

On the other hand, are you ready for some heart-pumping adventure with your family and friends? Are you ready to dig your paddle into the water and ride the rapids? Are you excited by the thought of getting a bit wet and maybe even getting in the river? Is it time for more action and less sight seeing? If you are nodding an enthusiastic yes, then you are ready to go whitewater rafting. Click here to learn more about Whitewater Rafting on the Snake River

Both are a great experience for totally different reasons. If you have the time, a lot of people enjoy taking both trips down the river. Each will expose you to a side of Jackson Hole that is not to be missed. And, hey, if you only have time for one you can always come back next year.

Interested in getting on the Snake River? Check out our Saddles and Paddles Package and experience a horseback ride with Teton views!

Time for the Jackson Hole Rodeo

The Jackson Hole Rodeo has been one of my favorite Jackson events for the past twenty years. I’ve only lived in Jackson for 6 years, but I visited with my family since I was seven. We always made time to go to the rodeo, and now that I’m all grown, I still make it to the event every few years. What can I say? I love cowboys.

jackson hole rodeo

Twenty-years-ago you would always see a few rodeo men wandering around the clapboard boarder of the Town Square. My sister, mother and I would pass them as we perused the T-shirt shops looking for souvenirs or jewelry stores as my mom contemplated a turquoise necklace. My mom’s eyes would narrow and her mouth would scrunch. Would this piece be too much for our life back in Little Rock, Arkansas? Meanwhile, I would have spotted a cowboy and nothing else in the world mattered to me. Time slowed as the cowboys passed. Typically, it was one classic cowboy paired with a pretty woman in her own Wranglers and calico print shirt. As I got older, they all were Shania Twain to me. Even as a child, I pegged them as the American classics. They were like spotting a Bald Eagle; a precious part of American heritage in danger of going extinct. I’d poke at my mother, distracting her from her soon-to-be purchase. She’d follow my gaze as I whispered, “Mom, cowboys…” My mom would try to be discreet with her glances and I stared open-mouthed in awe.

I feared for my hero’s lives the first time I went to the rodeo. Classic cowboys in Wranglers, chaps and cowboy hats seemed to be risking their lives for a chance to ride a bucking bronco. I watched with large, nervous eyes as the Broncos huffed and clowns jumped in and out of barrels. From our seats in the bleachers, the cowboys always looked calm and collected. The broncos would be clanging in their pins. All of a sudden, one of the nimble cowboys would hop on the wild-beast’s back and they would hurdle into the arena.

Some of the cowboys would only stay on a few moments before they were tossed off. Each would scramble to avoid the flailing, pounding bronco’s hoofs, but inevitably, one cowboy always got stomped on. The entire audience would let out a groan and watch in stunned silence as the rodeo clowns did their best to move the bronco away from the wild animal. I’d be clinging to my mother, petrified that my hero was about to die. To this day, I don’t understand how the cowboys do it. They always manage to get up and hobble out of the arena. I’ve never seen an ambulance called. Cowboys have a reputation for being tough and the rodeo is where the general public get’s to see the proof.

Every few years, I go back to the rodeo to get a good look at some cowboys. I still fear for their lives at times and they still always survive. By now I’ve probably been at least 12 times, but the excitement never wears off. Heck, I still get a thrill every time I see a classic cowboy on the streets of Jackson. What are their lives like? What makes them brave or crazy enough to want to ride a bronco?

Experience the excitement and wonder for yourself this year at the Jackson Hole Rodeo every Wednesday and Saturday night through the summer at 8pm.

Visit for schedule, info or tickets or call 307-733-7927.

Pam Drew Phillips: Fridays at the Granary

I’m not a small town girl; so living in Jackson Hole can leave me wanting in variety in cultural experiences. For the size of the town, Jackson has an incredible amount of art and music. At first glace, the choices seem to be overwhelming. Many of the choices repeat weekly however, and it doesn’t take long to realize that you will have to look off the beaten path to find quality new attractions.

Luckily for me, my parents also live in Jackson Hole and expose me to experiences most locals in their twenties miss. A few years ago my dad called and invited me to a Friday night dinner at the Granary. With excitement in his voice, he said, “Oh, man! Do they have good jazz.” My curiosity was peaked. Raised outside of Chicago, my father is a jazz fan from way back and when he says there is good jazz I believe him.

When I first moved to Jackson Hole, six years ago, I worked at the Mangy Moose Saloon and was constantly answering questions about the upcoming bands. I found that I could always say, “It’s sorta a mix of rock, blue-grass, funk.” I could know nothing about the band, but with this trusty statement I was usually on target. I love music, rock, blue grass and funk included, but the repetitive nature of the music available in the valley can grow stale. It’s Pam Drew Phillips unique offering as well as her skill as a musician that makes her such a stand out in the music selection of Jackson Hole.

The first time I saw Pam perform up at the Granary I was completely charmed by the entire experience. This bright, petite blonde was chopping away at a grand piano and singing her heart out. She played standards I’d typically associated with Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole as well as a variety of other jazz, sometimes even swaying toward rag-time that were all new to me. Pam was enthralling and engaging, taking requests and joking around with the audience.

Now I’ve been numerous times. Most memorably one fantastic New Year’s Eve where we only intended to stay until 9:30 or so, but ended up toasting in the New Year with champagne, jazz and Pam. Usually, there is at least a trio performing. Sometimes musicians seem to show up half way through the set and magically blending into the group. I’ve always been impressed by the quality of music that is performed. My dad is always leaning over, saying, “This is quality stuff, kid. You can’t find better in Chicago or New York.” I’m prone to believe him.

Pam started her career in her in her hometown of Chicago. Moving to New York City, she established herself as a respected musician. She worked as a conductor on Broadway, including the shows “Evita” and “Crazy For You”. While in New York, she also played the keyboard for Broadway shows and films. While there she also performed with notable companies such as the American Symphony and the New York City Ballet Orchestra. Some high points in her jazz career include working with the Glenn Miller Orchestra and Manhattan Rhythm Kings. After cementing her career in New York City, she moved to Jackson in 1996 to raise her son.

If you are looking for talented musicians or love jazz, you need to head up to the Granary on Friday nights to see the trio or Saturday to see Pam solo. Take advantage of the view, great food and wonderful music. If you are visiting from out of town, be ready to be surprised by the quality of music. Come prepared to request your favorite jazz standard and shimmy your shoulders. I hope I see you there.