Paddles and Saddles Special

It’s springtime in Jackson! The sun is shining. Life is emerging after the stillness of winter. Grass is growing and animals are everywhere. It’s hard to leave the house without seeing a moose this time of year. Spring also means it’s time for one of our most popular specials. Come celebrate spring and summer in Jackson with Spring Creek Ranch’s Paddles and Saddles Special.

This combination of horse back riding and river rafting spans two days and makes it easy for you to try some of Jackson Hole’s most popular activities. Day one begins with lunch at the Granary restaurant, which is known for both its excellent food and breathtaking view of the Grand Tetons. This is a local favorite for lunch with a view due to the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the mountains.

Following lunch is an hour horseback ride to the top of the East Gros Ventre ridgeline. Get acquainted with your inner cowboy as you ride along the trail. Jackson Hole is known as “the last of the old West.” No better place to saddle up and ride the trails. You will enjoy a spectacular view on horseback, since the ridge gives a 360-degree view of the valley, including the town of Jackson and the Grand Teton mountain range. This is the best photo-op in town.

Is someone nervous about horses? Don’t be. These horses are excellently trained and all very used to first time riders. Also, Spring Creek Ranch’s W.W. Guides are there to make sure you have an enjoyable and safe trip.

The following day, it’s rafting time! There is a great divide here in Jackson. Some people are crazy about white water rafting and others argue that a scenic float is the best way to see the river. It comes down to adrenalin versus information and sightseeing. To be fair, white water rafting will also give you some great information and sightseeing, but it’s adrenalin heavy. A scenic float will also have an element of thrilling adventure, but it’s not going to get your heart pumping. That is unless you decide to jump in the river!

The best news is that we had around 500 inches of snowfall this winter. That means that there is a lot of runoff water feeding the Snake River. This guarantees good rafting conditions.

Both rafting options offer the opportunity to see wildlife. Bald eagles are a common sighting on the Snake River. Your guide is there to answer questions, make cheesy jokes and ensure you have the best time possible.

In my experience, each guide has a special strength. Some know a lot about the environment, some are keen animal spotters, and some will tell you stories that are going to blow your mind (which may or may not be true). Every guide has one thing in common. They absolutely love the river. They are going to be able to let you in on secrets about the river that they have learned over time, taking multiple raft trips a day. And, as luck would have it, most of them are pretty chatty, so feel free to ask questions and have fun.

Now, does that sound like a great way to spend two days or what?

To learn more visit Paddles and Saddles or call 1(800) 443-6139.

Astronomy Night at SCR

Astronomy nights are back! Don’t miss out on the chance to view galaxies, star clusters, and planets with Spring Creek Ranch’s Naturalist Department and Wyoming Stargazing’s Dr. Samuel Singer. You might even see shooting stars, sun spires, and the northern lights through a large collection of telescopes and the latest astronomy software available on your smartphone!

Learn more here.

SCR featured in the Wall Street Journal

Spring Creek Ranch’s Wolf and Bear Safari was just highlighted as an “Adventurous Alternative to an African Safari” in the travel section of the Wall Street Journal! Check out the article here, and make sure to visit our safari pages to learn more about Spring Creek Ranch’s exciting package offerings.

Spa Day

I love everything about skiing and the great outdoors..almost. I want to be outdoorsy and active but I want my skin to be young, smooth and beautiful. I don’t care if you are a man or woman, twenty or eighty. We all want to look good. That rugged mountain man look is out. Ok, not really. I still love a rugged mountain man with big strong arms and a beard. But, the skin that accompanies a rugged mountain man is out for everyone!

When I moved to Jackson from LA I was in heaven. Being surrounded by so much natural beauty and so many fun outdoor activities was a dream come true. Over the first year though I realized that the climate was taking a toll on my skin. The winters are wet, cold and dry. In the summer, the sun is extremely intense due to the high altitude and the air is extra dry.

Don’t get me wrong. Jackson Hole is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The mountain views are incredible. The wildlife is amazing. The opportunities for outdoor adventures will blow your mind. Living here is a joy for me. I’ve been lucky to travel a lot but I would still put Jackson Hole on the top of my list for dream destinations.

Putting extra effort into maintaining my skin is a very small price to pay for all that Jackson offers. The special attention must be paid though or things start to get ugly. When you come, you want to make sure to bring some extra moisturizer. It really is dry.

A blustery day of powder skiing or day hiking in Grand Teton National Park is heaven for everything except your skin. You are bound to be a little wind chapped. The outdoor time is always worth it but it’s important to counteract the effects of all of the sun and wind. Beyond using sunscreen and moisturizing regularly, I highly recommend you make a trip to the Spring Creek Ranch Spa part of your travel plans.

You will be exposing your skin to a harsher climate than it is probably used to and some extra loving for your skin will be in order. Spring Creek Ranch makes it super easy for you to restore or protect your skin. The world-class spa will leave you pampered and better than new.

There are a variety of facial treatments for you to choose from. Why stop with the face though? With the addition of a full body treatment you will be pampered and refreshed from head to toe. Whether you choose to indulge in a 90 minute Divine Detox Wrap or unwind with a Spirit Journey compression treatment, you are bound to walk away from Spring Creek’s Wilderness Adventure Spa feeling refreshed and renewed.

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the action and adventure that Jackson has to offer. The best ski resort in the country and so many other options, such as Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, dogsledding, natural hot springs, hot tubs, snowmobiling, hiking, biking, rafting and more! Enjoy all that Jackson has to offer but remember to take care of your body and your skin. After all, it’s great to go home from vacation feeling and looking refreshed.

Want to learn more? Make sure to visit the Spring Creek Spa Page for more details on the divine service offerings at this mountainside oasis.

Book now for free skiing

It’s almost ski season! For the rest of the world it may almost be the holiday season, but for us here in Jackson Hole, it is ski season that gets us quivering with excitement. This year is extra thrilling because winter seems to be coming early and strong. While I don’t love having my fall cut short, I’m happy to think that early snow is a sign of a powder filled winter approaching. The thought of gliding effortlessly through light fluffy powder while low clouds fill the Teton Valley floor is giving me chills.

Now, the chance to come to Jackson Hole is wonderful. The chance to ski in Jackson Hole is really wonderful. The chance to stay at a beautiful, luxury hotel that over looks the Grand Tetons and SKI FOR FREE is a wonderful, outrageous, not to be missed experience. That is exactly what Spring Creek Ranch is offering with their special called Ski Free.

You can take advantage of this special by calling, asking about the special, and booking a room between December 1st, 2013 and April 7th, 2014. The offer is not available through online booking so be sure to call (800) 443-6139. Also, the special is based on double occupancy meaning that if you book a hotel room, two bedroom condo or Mountain Villa, you will receive two 3 out of 4 day passes to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. You must book for at least four nights to qualify for the special.

As if it could get easier, Spring Creek Ranch is also making it convenient for their patrons to get their skis this year by working with Ski Butlers. When you rent your equipment from Ski Butlers, someone will both deliver and return your equipment for you and get you fitted for the right boots, skis, helmet and poles right in your own hotel room. No lines. No wait. It really couldn’t be easier.

Oh, wait. Yes, I guess it can. Spring Creek Ranch offers a door to tram shuttle service. That means that you will be picked up at your room or Mountain Villa and taken directly to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, where you will be dropped off about 50 feet from the tram dock. No hassle with parking or trudging through the parking lot in ski boots. Spring Creek Ranch has it all worked out for you.

As if you need another reason to take advantage of this deal, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort was recently named the #1 Overall Resort in North America by the SKI Magazines Annual Reader’s Poll. The SKI Magazine survey is the oldest and most established of its kind in the winter sports industry and voted on by actual readers, making it a top honor.

The Ski Free deal that Spring Creek Ranch is offering through the ski season is truly not to be missed. I live in Jackson Hole, have a season pass to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and shouldn’t really be this excited about the deal. There is no direct benefit for me but I find myself telling my friends and family about the Ski Free special because it is just that good of an offer. Come take advantage of skiing for free at North America’s #1 mountain.

Locals Shouldn’t Miss Spring Fling at Spring Creek

Spring Creek Ranch is offering the best off-season specials around. As a local, I’ve always loved the Granary Restaurant up at Spring Creek Ranch because of the wonderful food that is presented with an absolutely stunning view. Recently I’ve had fun nights at the Granary Lounge listening to the live jazz music that happens on Friday and Saturday nights. Pam and Keith Phillips present world-class jazz in our tiny town and not enough people know about this great opportunity. I’ve never had a reason to enjoy the hotel though because I already live in Jackson. Well, no more excuses.

Spring Creek has a Spring Fling special that offers a night in one of their deluxe hotel rooms with a wood-burning fireplace for $170. Plus, dinner and breakfast for two at the Granary is included in the price. Why go out to dinner and a movie when you could have dinner, a night in one of Spring Creek’s luxurious hotel rooms, and breakfast overlooking the Tetons?

The hotel is situated around 1,000 feet above the valley floor, providing one of the best views of the Tetons available. You want to make sure to get to dinner at the Granary before dark to enjoy the magnificent view. The restaurant has floor to ceiling windows and you will want to be there for sunset for sure. The Granary offers what Bon Appetit called “upscale mountain-man cooking.” You can enjoy the amenities including the pool and hot tub. Also, to add some extra relaxation to the mini-vacation, you can book a spa appointment.

Here’s my master plan for my Spring Fling. Check in at 4pm. Settle into the hotel room, soaking up the view. Then make my way over to the hot tub to fully relax into vacation mode before dinner. I will be using this as one of the rare opportunities to dress up in Jackson, so give me an hour or so to get ready. Then, make the easy walk over to the Granary around 7pm for dinner and sunset. After dinner, move up to the lounge to enjoy jazz and after dinner drinks. Then, no designated driver is needed for the short walk back to the hotel room. A night spent in a luxurious hotel bed is always a good night. Wake early to enjoy the included breakfast. One more dip in the hot tub before check out at 11am. You get all of this for roughly the price of a typical dinner and a movie for two in Jackson Hole. This is why I’m calling Spring Creeks Spring Fling special the best off-season deal around.

We live in one of the top travel destinations in the world. Why not enjoy it like a tourist for a night or two? I know a stay at Spring Creek for their Spring Fling is at the top of my to-do list. The special is only available until May 12th, Thursdays-Saturdays. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a luxury vacation, only 20 minutes from your home.

Click here to learn more about Spring Creek Ranch’s Spring Fling Vacation Special