Bald Eagle Surveys Jackson Hole

Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson Spots an Eagle

Eagle at Spring Creek Ranch
Just before the main entrance to Spring Creek Ranch, I spotted a Bald Eagle perched on a power pole.

These majestic birds frequent the area around Spring Creek Ranch. Eagles and other raptors are often seen on posts or in trees or soaring above the Jackson Hole.

Battle of the Bulls

Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson Captures Battling Elk

Elk Near Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole
Today, the bull elk of Spring Creek Ranch put on a show for anybody at the resort to see. This morning, the group of six bull elk that have been wintering on the wildlife refuge of Spring Creek Ranch were enjoying the early morning sun.

One was looking regal on the ridge, others were foraging, and three were taking turns sparing. While bulls will often spar, it is a real treat to witness such an event. The photo below shows two bulls locking antlers and pushing against each other as another watches.

At one point, all three were involved in the fray at the same time. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to capture that moment. Perhaps, someone else will have that chance.

Just another unbelievable day at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole.
Jackson Hole Fighting Elk at Spring Creek Ranch

Jackson Hole Bull Market

Spring Creek Ranch Elk in Winter
Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole is experiencing a bull market–bull elk that is. The Amangani General Manager took this photo of four bulls just off the side of the main access road. A couple more are just out of the picture.

The conditions are just right for them to forage and wander around the resort. As a wildlife refuge, Spring Creek Ranch just makes the animals and guests alike comfortable. We never get tired of watching these guys, and they don’t mind being watched.

A Visit from Mildred – A Jackson Hole Local

Kathi Davis Captures Her Nosy Neighbor

Moose Mildred - Jackson Hole
While enjoying my cup of coffee this morning my neighbor Mildred (see right) stopped over to say hi! Mildred can be a little intrusive, just coming up on the porch and peering through the windows, she knows she is always welcome.

Although human food isn’t on her diet, the pine trees in my yard are. Moose are one of the only animals that can digest the spiky leaves.

Not many people can say that their neighbors are moose, elk, and mule deer. Living in Jackson Hole is always an adventure!

Spring Creek Ranch Wildlife Refuge

A moose at the Spring Creek Ranch wildlife refuge
After several days of snow, the wildlife of Jackson Hole were on the move this morning.

As I wound my way to Spring Creek Ranch this morning, the moose, elk and mule deer were all foraging along the side of the road paying little attention to passers-by.

Usually the mule deer bucks stay hidden, but they were out in the open. Seeing them was a special treat today.

The bull elk seem to be enjoying the Spring Creek Ranch wildlife refuge as they still have not moved to the National Elk Refuge just to the east.

Elk at the Spring Creek Ranch wildlife refuge

Mule Deer in Jackson Hole

While not completely unusual, seeing mule deer in the middle of the day, and so close to East Butte Road is not normal.

Wildlife typically will be bedded down or much further from the houses and roads of Spring Creek Ranch during the daylight hours. These mule deer are enjoying the plentiful forage on the wildlife refuge of Spring Creek Ranch.
Mule Deer in Jackson Hole

Guest Kudos – Wildlife Photo Safari


Swan photo by J. Marlow

Swan photo by J. Marlow

“My wife and I went out with you on a photo safari on Tuesday, January 19, 2010. Thank you for a great time and help with photographing the wildlife. Got some great pictures and got some great tips. We are already planning on coming back hopefully in the Summer. Thanks again!” –J. Marlow

Jackson Hole Wildlife Elk and Mule Deer Pose for Pictures

Mule Deer in Jackson Hole's Spring Creek Ranch
After a new snow, mule deer and elk pose for pictures along the side of East Butte Road at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole.

These wildlife enjoy the refuge of Spring Creek, and seem almost oblivious to the close proximity of people.
Elk near Jackson Hole's Spring Creek Ranch
While taking these pictures, a Spring Creek Ranch resident stopped, and we spoke about all the animals that we enjoy watching.

Spring Creek Ranch’s Wildlife Refuge

Mule Deer on Spring Creek's Wildlife Refuge
Once again, the wildlife of Jackson Hole have chosen Spring Creek Ranch to spend their winter.

Spring Creek Ranch is a wildlife refuge where mule deer, elk and moose come to find shelter and food during the winter months.

These mule deer are seen daily in the open spaces and also around the homes and facilities of Spring Creek Ranch.

Moose roam the grounds of Spring Creek Ranch

Moose Greets Guests at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole
This morning our guests at Spring Creek Ranch were greeted by a very special host!

Because Spring Creek Ranch is situated on a Wildlife Preserve we have several moose, deer, elk, hawks, and even a Bald Eagle flying overhead!

As our guests went off to ski at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort today, they stopped to take photos of our moose just as I had earlier.

Jackson Hole is a unique and special place, and we cherish the wildlife that share their lives with us.