Yellowstone Road Trip


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Spring Creek Ranch is conveniently located to two of the most captivating national parks in the United States. You can take off from Spring Creek for a day trip and see the lower loop of Yellowstone, the nation’s first national … Continue reading

Wolf & Bear Safari

Last week’s wolf and bear safari was an extremely successful weekend of wildlife watching throughout Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. We were able to find many grizzly bears, black bears and a solitary gray wolf. Although these predators were the focus of this excursion, we also had great sightings of bighorn sheep, moose, river otters and many other birds and mammals.

Wolf & Bear Safari - Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson, WY

Grizzly Bear, Moose, Muskrat & Swans

Trumpeter Swans - Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, WY
We had hoped to make it to Yellowstone National Park yesterday, but icy roads kept us away. It turned out that plan B was full of opportunities including a close sighting of a grizzly bear, several sightings of moose and wonderful wildlife watching along the Snake River.

These trumpeter swans noisily flew back and forth in front of the Tetons while muskrats worked tirelessly nearby storing food for the upcoming winter months.

Wolves and Bears in Yellowstone National Park

Wolf in Yellowstone Park - Spring Creek Ranch
This past weekend’s Wolf & Bear Safari was a big success with sightings of thirteen different mammal species including close sightings of a wolf and a grizzly bear.

The surprising theme of this excursion turned out to be Wildlife Swimming Across Rivers with sightings of a wolf swimming across the Lamar River and both coyote and grizzly swimming across the Yellowstone River. This image shows a coyote braving the cold waters of the Yellowstone River on Saturday.

May Flowers

Bear - Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, WY
During our safaris, we strive to meet the specific interests of our participants. Today, we had a strong interest in both birds and wildflowers.

Thanks to an abundance of winter snow this year, we are currently enjoying wonderful spring wildflowers such as balsamroot, spring beauty, arnica, yellow violet, larkspur, yellowbell and Oregon grape.

Bird sightings included bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, osprey, pelicans, mergansers, bluebirds, cranes, swans and warblers. We certainly couldn’t ignore mammal sightings such as marmots, pronghorn, moose, elk, deer and bison with young calves.

Despite our botanical interests the highlight of today’s trip was this young grizzly bear, which graced us with its presence for 15 minutes as it walked nearby and lifted boulders looking for insects. Both grizzly bears and black bears consider Grand Teton National Park their home, but it is always a meaningful encounter to see them in the wild.