Newborn Mammals

One of the packages that we are currently promoting here at Spring Creek Ranch focuses on the fact that June and July is a wonderful time of year to see wild newborn animals. Appropriately, our safaris have had excellent sightings of these particularly cute critters during the past couple of weeks. Each of the images below were taken on recent wildlife safaris and include (from left to right) a grizzly bear cub up a tree, a bison calf, elk calf, coyote pups playing and a moose calf (with a very protective mom nearby.)

Newborn Animals - Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson, WY

Great Gray Owl Chicks

Great Gray Owl Chicks - Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, WY
This photograph pretty much tells the whole story of what we observed early this morning. Great gray owls are the biggest owl on the continent and are rare in most places.

We in Jackson Hole are fortunate to see them often in this region, but this morning’s sighting of an adult owl landing next to one of its chicks and then soaring off moments later was unforgettable.

Newborns in Grand Teton National Park

Moose Calf - Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, WY - Spring Creek Ranch
Early summer is an ideal time to see newborn animals and recent sightings have included young bison, pronghorn, owls and moose.

This moose calf may have been just days old, but it lay calmly underneath its mother surrounded by Arnica wildlflowers.

Bears have been cooperative on recent excursions and we have had regular sightings of both black and grizzly bears.