Heli-Skiing in Jackson At Its Best

Stay at Spring Creek Ranch and Heli-Ski the Teton Backcountry

Stay at Spring Creek Ranch and Heli-Ski the Teton Backcountry

Heli skiing in the Tetons could very well be one of the most astonishing thrills a powder hound will ever experience! One of the hallmarks of a winter trip to Spring Creek Ranch is a heli-ski adventure with the folks from High Mountain Heli Skiing. What could be better than coveted “face shots” on every run and extraordinary tree skiing on terrain that belongs to you, and only you, for the entire day?

Guests are treated to over 305,000 acres of terrain south of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort including all of the Snake River and Palisades Mountain Range. There’s plenty of powder stashes here on the Idaho side, too, at their disposal. This is the kind of backcountry experience nature intended.

After an incredible day carving your way down the mountains relax and rejuvenate at the Wilderness Adventure Spa where you can choose from a wide variety of luxury spa treatments, including deep tissue and sports massages.

The Other Side of The Tetons – Grand Targhee Resort Powder Paradise

Grand Targhee Ski Resort
Yesterday, a few friends and I decided to drive over Teton Pass to ski at Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, Wyoming. It takes about an hour and a half to get to Grand Targhee from Spring Creek Ranch, but with beautiful scenery the entire way.

There are great inexpensive shuttle options if you do not have a car during your stay at Spring Creek Ranch. Whichever way you get there, the skiing at Grand Targhee is a winter activity that shouldn’t be missed.

It was already snowing when we started the drive and continued to snow for the entire day. It was the lightest fluffiest snow you could imagine! Every run we did was amazing! The groomers had a few inches of new snow on top and the ungroomed runs were still pretty soft even though there hadn’t been new snow in a few days!

Grand Targhee is a great resort for families, those that are slightly intimidated by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, or those just looking for a change of scene. We finished off our day at the Trap Bar, which has a great Après Ski menu and lots of yummy drink specials. It was a great way to spend a Sunday!

Skiing Brings out the Best Menu Ideas

A Ski Outing Gives Chef Jason Mitchell Menu Ideas:

Woke up this morning to at least twelve new inches of snow on my jeep! So, of cours,e I headed to the mountain (JHMR) after I dropped off my boy at school, and was not disappointed.

I got on an early gondola, which I prefer over the tram for the simple reason of the various terrain getting over to the Thunder and Sublette chairs. The fresh tracks were amazing, getting nice shots even on the late groomed runs, waist deep in some spots with super light fluffy Teton powder.

The routes I took were virgin, I was lucky enough to be up at the top of the gondola when the whistle blew for opening so I beat even the Tram to untracked stuff. The crowds were non existent this morning, and every face I saw had a smile. Bernie’s Bowl was the best it has ever been, Kissing Rock and Sugar Shack, Bird In Hand, Lower Liquor Cabinets, it was all mine!

And of course, when I feel this good I start thinking about food and the Granary Valentine’s Day menu, so it must have been time to go work, but I knew could still come out to play another day.

The sun broke later after the morning fog burned off and the folks started to show up so I finished with the Hobacks and fresh lobster tails on my mind…maybe with a petite fillet on the side, with a little Bearnaise? I’m a little old fashioned when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Skiing with Spring Creek Ranch Guest in Jackson Hole

Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson Skis the JHMR

Went skiing this morning at Teton Village with a Spring Creek Ranch guest from Houston, Texas. Another night of unexpected snow fell leaving six inches of the lightest fluffiest powder on top the other five or six feet that has fallen in the last week.

We were able to ski runs of untracked boot top powder on a trail that had been groomed before it had snowed. For those not used to powder snow, it is an experience you will truly enjoy – especially that signature Jackson Hole champagne powder.

I was also able to find some other really deep stuff too – not completely untracked, but certainly enough to put an ear-to-ear grin on my face. With so few people, we were skiing on the lift every run, and had a full day of skiing by noon, but skied until 1pm since it was that good.

Cowboy Powder Blankets Jackson Hole Valley

Cowboy Powder Snow Makes for Happy Cowboys

Cowboy Powder
Over the past week there has been five feet of new snow falling upon Jackson Hole. With the majority coming down the past 72 hours.

Waking up each morning to 10 inches of new snow, is a welcoming sight. I had to hit the slopes to find the deep powder.

Once at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, which is only about 20 minutes from Spring Creek Ranch, I realized that no matter where I went it was good.

After a long day of great powder skiing, I found myself in the company of good friends reminiscing about turns made earlier, over a pint at the world-famous Mangy Moose bar in the Teton Village.

Powder Snow in the Moran Woods in Jackson Hole

Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson Gets the Goods at JHMR

Derek Goodson Gets the Goods in Moran Woods

Derek Goodson Gets the Goods in Moran Woods

With another night of snow, the powder was really deep. Today, I was skiing with some friends and got to make some first tracks in bottomless powder in the Moran Woods at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR).

The snow was waist deep or deeper in spots. We had some lift lines early, but they were gone by late morning, and we skied on the lifts all afternoon finding the best skiing of the year.

Check out the shot of me in Moran Woods. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Another Powder Day in Jackson Hole

Firsthand Snow Report from Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson

Got a late start today, but headed to Teton Village to pick up a few runs.

With all the new snow overnight, snow depths just keep getting bigger.

Despite a weekend day, I was still able get thigh deep untracked Jackson Hole powder in the late afternoon. You just need to know where to go.

Skiing was unbelievable. The snow was in your face all afternoon.

New Snow in Jackson Hole

New Snow for Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson

After several days of seemingly constant snow, I went to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for a couple hours of skiing this afternoon. What a difference a couple feet of snow make at Teton Village.

Skiing was awesome. The crowds were nonexistent – I was skiing on to the lift every time. I was getting fresh tracks for over an hour.

Skiing in Jackson Hole

Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson Describes Skiing in Jackson Hole

Skiing in Jackson Hole is either sunshine or powder, or both.

Today, we saw a beautiful sunny day with great groomers, and as seen by the empty chairs, no crowds.

The view from the top of Sublette chair at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort looking south over Jackson Hole just never gets tiring.

Spring Creek Ranch can be seen atop of the East Gros Ventre Butte between the Town of Jackson and the Teton Mountain Range.

Looking to the north behind the Tram is the National Elk Refuge and Grand Teton National Park, and two more reasons to be in Jackson Hole in the winter.