I’m semi-notorious for my love of snowshoeing. Somehow a rumor has even been started around town that I’m into “extreme snowshoeing.” While I don’t know exactly what “extreme snowshoeing” is, I’m definitely an enthusiast. With so many adrenaline pumping winter sports like skiing and snowboarding stealing the spotlight in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I think snowshoeing is being overlooked and under-rated. I first discovered snowshoeing after a skiing injury and even though I’m back shredding on skis, my love of snowshoeing remains. Here are my top 5 reasons why snowshoeing is awesome and you should add it to your winter sports roster.

1.) Peace and Quiet.

In Jackson, you can experience a level of silence and stillness in nature that is practically going extinct in this busy and buzzing world. I love skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort or speeding along on a snow mobile but they don’t offer the type of meditative silence that can be found when snowshoeing.

2.) Cardio.

Snowshoeing is a great workout but it also doesn’t have to be strenuous. Depending on the depth of snow you choose to walk through, it’s either an incredible cardio workout or a light walk. Unlike hiking or skinning up a mountain to go backcountry skiing, snowshoeing is an easy, low-risk way to get a cardio workout during the winter. Also, you don’t need miles and miles of terrain to cover, unlike skate skiing, because you won’t be covering more than a few miles to get your workout.

3.) Anyone can do it.

Snowshoeing is great for people of all ages and activity levels. As they say, if you can walk, you can snowshoe. I always take my out of town guests on a snowshoe because it’s a low-key adventure. Usually after a few days of skiing in the Village, my guests are ready for a break and looking to explore more terrain. Snowshoeing is easy on the body but can get you to some great vistas. If you want to come to Jackson to ski but the rest of your group isn’t as athletic, a day of snowshoeing is a great compromise. Everyone can get outdoors and enjoy the beauty without any complications or complaints.

4.) Conversation.

The peace and quiet of a snowshoe adventure also means that it is a great time to chat with friends. Side by side, walking through the snow, you have a chance to really talk to your companion, unlike a lot of other winter sports. Snowshoeing is the hiking of winter. The simplicity of the activity means you can focus on your talk or the beauty around you. This is why snowshoeing is one of my favorite friend-date options.

5.) Wildlife.

Guided snowshoe treks with naturalists, like one offered as Spring Creek Resort, are a great opportunity to learn about the wildlife of Jackson Hole and their winter habits. An expert can help you find animal tracks and explain the animals winter behaviors. You may even spot a moose or two!

To Jackson Hole from Anywhere

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Jackson Hole Skiing
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2011 is shaping up to be one of the best years on record in Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort opened with a record 130” of snow, followed by unrelenting storms throughout December and January. Now with almost 330 inches of snow to date, lift ticket, lodging, and lunch package options starting at $79—it’s time to check Jackson Hole off the bucket list.

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Heli-Skiing in Jackson At Its Best

Stay at Spring Creek Ranch and Heli-Ski the Teton Backcountry

Stay at Spring Creek Ranch and Heli-Ski the Teton Backcountry

Heli skiing in the Tetons could very well be one of the most astonishing thrills a powder hound will ever experience! One of the hallmarks of a winter trip to Spring Creek Ranch is a heli-ski adventure with the folks from High Mountain Heli Skiing. What could be better than coveted “face shots” on every run and extraordinary tree skiing on terrain that belongs to you, and only you, for the entire day?

Guests are treated to over 305,000 acres of terrain south of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort including all of the Snake River and Palisades Mountain Range. There’s plenty of powder stashes here on the Idaho side, too, at their disposal. This is the kind of backcountry experience nature intended.

After an incredible day carving your way down the mountains relax and rejuvenate at the Wilderness Adventure Spa where you can choose from a wide variety of luxury spa treatments, including deep tissue and sports massages.

Snowmobiling Adventures Abound in Jackson Hole Area

Snowmobiling Adventure in Jackson Hole
Last weekend we found plenty of snow on and off the groomed trails atop snowmobiles.

During this snowmobile trip, we explored the trails of the Salt Creek Pass as did several other enthusiasts. We enjoyed a few signs of spring along the way on our fifty-seven mile round trip day and we loved every minute!

We stopped in a cabin that is perched on the top of one of the buttes that was built for snowmobilers to get warm and enjoy a quick meal before heading back out.

We are very fortunate to live where we do and we respect the beauty of the land for those who will come after us. Contact a Spring Creek Ranch concierge to get you set up for your own snowmobiling adventure.

Jackson Hole Ski Vacation – Snow Blankets Jackson Hole

Sam Rendall Hits the Slopes for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Skiing in Jackson Hole
Blue skies and sunshine ruled a wonderful Valentine’s Day skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

With 9” of new snow in the last two days, the skiing just keeps getting better.

Cold overnight temperatures—combined with yesterday’s wind—left the snow soft & smooth for everyone who made skiing a part of their Valentine’s Day celebration. Today was an exceptional day to explore both the freshly groomed trails & wind-buffed powder leftover from Friday night’s storm.

Snow is in the forecast again for tonight & President’s Day Monday, so if you aren’t all ready here, pack up your ski gear and get on out to Jackson Hole. Spring Creek Ranch has a special or package for you. What are you waiting for?

Cutter Races Benefit Schriners Hospital

Cutter Races
Over the Valentine’s day weekend, Jackson Hole played host to the annual Cutter Races to benefit the Shriners Hospital. This event always draws a huge local crowd as well as spectators and teams from the surrounding states of Utah, Idaho and Montana.

The Races took place Saturday and Sunday at Melody Ranch just south of town. All proceeds from both entry fees, and calcutta betting goes to the Shriners Hospital. The Cutter races are an exciting western version of horse-drawn chariot races.

Cutter Races in Jackson Hole
Cowboys roar past the cheering crowd in chariots, pulled by a team of two thoroughbreds. Two teams go head to head down a quarter mile snow covered track. The action is fast-paced and exciting. This event demonstrates how Jackson Hole as a community can rally around a fun event to raise money to help out the Shriners Children’s Hospital.

Cowboy Powder Blankets Jackson Hole Valley

Cowboy Powder Snow Makes for Happy Cowboys

Cowboy Powder
Over the past week there has been five feet of new snow falling upon Jackson Hole. With the majority coming down the past 72 hours.

Waking up each morning to 10 inches of new snow, is a welcoming sight. I had to hit the slopes to find the deep powder.

Once at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, which is only about 20 minutes from Spring Creek Ranch, I realized that no matter where I went it was good.

After a long day of great powder skiing, I found myself in the company of good friends reminiscing about turns made earlier, over a pint at the world-famous Mangy Moose bar in the Teton Village.

Powder Snow in the Moran Woods in Jackson Hole

Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson Gets the Goods at JHMR

Derek Goodson Gets the Goods in Moran Woods

Derek Goodson Gets the Goods in Moran Woods

With another night of snow, the powder was really deep. Today, I was skiing with some friends and got to make some first tracks in bottomless powder in the Moran Woods at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR).

The snow was waist deep or deeper in spots. We had some lift lines early, but they were gone by late morning, and we skied on the lifts all afternoon finding the best skiing of the year.

Check out the shot of me in Moran Woods. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Another Powder Day in Jackson Hole

Firsthand Snow Report from Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson

Got a late start today, but headed to Teton Village to pick up a few runs.

With all the new snow overnight, snow depths just keep getting bigger.

Despite a weekend day, I was still able get thigh deep untracked Jackson Hole powder in the late afternoon. You just need to know where to go.

Skiing was unbelievable. The snow was in your face all afternoon.

New Snow in Jackson Hole

New Snow for Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson

After several days of seemingly constant snow, I went to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for a couple hours of skiing this afternoon. What a difference a couple feet of snow make at Teton Village.

Skiing was awesome. The crowds were nonexistent – I was skiing on to the lift every time. I was getting fresh tracks for over an hour.