Battle of the Bulls

Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson Captures Battling Elk

Elk Near Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole
Today, the bull elk of Spring Creek Ranch put on a show for anybody at the resort to see. This morning, the group of six bull elk that have been wintering on the wildlife refuge of Spring Creek Ranch were enjoying the early morning sun.

One was looking regal on the ridge, others were foraging, and three were taking turns sparing. While bulls will often spar, it is a real treat to witness such an event. The photo below shows two bulls locking antlers and pushing against each other as another watches.

At one point, all three were involved in the fray at the same time. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to capture that moment. Perhaps, someone else will have that chance.

Just another unbelievable day at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole.
Jackson Hole Fighting Elk at Spring Creek Ranch

Jackson Hole Bull Market

Spring Creek Ranch Elk in Winter
Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole is experiencing a bull market–bull elk that is. The Amangani General Manager took this photo of four bulls just off the side of the main access road. A couple more are just out of the picture.

The conditions are just right for them to forage and wander around the resort. As a wildlife refuge, Spring Creek Ranch just makes the animals and guests alike comfortable. We never get tired of watching these guys, and they don’t mind being watched.

A Visit from Mildred – A Jackson Hole Local

Kathi Davis Captures Her Nosy Neighbor

Moose Mildred - Jackson Hole
While enjoying my cup of coffee this morning my neighbor Mildred (see right) stopped over to say hi! Mildred can be a little intrusive, just coming up on the porch and peering through the windows, she knows she is always welcome.

Although human food isn’t on her diet, the pine trees in my yard are. Moose are one of the only animals that can digest the spiky leaves.

Not many people can say that their neighbors are moose, elk, and mule deer. Living in Jackson Hole is always an adventure!

Cowboy Powder Blankets Jackson Hole Valley

Cowboy Powder Snow Makes for Happy Cowboys

Cowboy Powder
Over the past week there has been five feet of new snow falling upon Jackson Hole. With the majority coming down the past 72 hours.

Waking up each morning to 10 inches of new snow, is a welcoming sight. I had to hit the slopes to find the deep powder.

Once at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, which is only about 20 minutes from Spring Creek Ranch, I realized that no matter where I went it was good.

After a long day of great powder skiing, I found myself in the company of good friends reminiscing about turns made earlier, over a pint at the world-famous Mangy Moose bar in the Teton Village.

Powder Snow in the Moran Woods in Jackson Hole

Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson Gets the Goods at JHMR

Derek Goodson Gets the Goods in Moran Woods

Derek Goodson Gets the Goods in Moran Woods

With another night of snow, the powder was really deep. Today, I was skiing with some friends and got to make some first tracks in bottomless powder in the Moran Woods at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR).

The snow was waist deep or deeper in spots. We had some lift lines early, but they were gone by late morning, and we skied on the lifts all afternoon finding the best skiing of the year.

Check out the shot of me in Moran Woods. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Mule Deer in Jackson Hole

While not completely unusual, seeing mule deer in the middle of the day, and so close to East Butte Road is not normal.

Wildlife typically will be bedded down or much further from the houses and roads of Spring Creek Ranch during the daylight hours. These mule deer are enjoying the plentiful forage on the wildlife refuge of Spring Creek Ranch.
Mule Deer in Jackson Hole

Another Powder Day in Jackson Hole

Firsthand Snow Report from Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson

Got a late start today, but headed to Teton Village to pick up a few runs.

With all the new snow overnight, snow depths just keep getting bigger.

Despite a weekend day, I was still able get thigh deep untracked Jackson Hole powder in the late afternoon. You just need to know where to go.

Skiing was unbelievable. The snow was in your face all afternoon.

New Snow in Jackson Hole

New Snow for Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson

After several days of seemingly constant snow, I went to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for a couple hours of skiing this afternoon. What a difference a couple feet of snow make at Teton Village.

Skiing was awesome. The crowds were nonexistent – I was skiing on to the lift every time. I was getting fresh tracks for over an hour.

Skiing in Jackson Hole

Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson Describes Skiing in Jackson Hole

Skiing in Jackson Hole is either sunshine or powder, or both.

Today, we saw a beautiful sunny day with great groomers, and as seen by the empty chairs, no crowds.

The view from the top of Sublette chair at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort looking south over Jackson Hole just never gets tiring.

Spring Creek Ranch can be seen atop of the East Gros Ventre Butte between the Town of Jackson and the Teton Mountain Range.

Looking to the north behind the Tram is the National Elk Refuge and Grand Teton National Park, and two more reasons to be in Jackson Hole in the winter.

Photography Safari Highlights

mule deer - Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, WY
Our photo safaris are designed to enhance every nature photographer’s technique and opportunity. Jackson Hole is a playground for wildlife photographers and today’s snowy safari provided opportunities for great shots of bighorn sheep, moose, bald eagles and this small herd of mule deer bucks.

Photographers thinking about a visit to Jackson Hole should consider Spring Creek Ranch as THE destination for their base-camp for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks photography.

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