Jackson Hole Wildlife Elk and Mule Deer Pose for Pictures

Mule Deer in Jackson Hole's Spring Creek Ranch
After a new snow, mule deer and elk pose for pictures along the side of East Butte Road at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole.

These wildlife enjoy the refuge of Spring Creek, and seem almost oblivious to the close proximity of people.
Elk near Jackson Hole's Spring Creek Ranch
While taking these pictures, a Spring Creek Ranch resident stopped, and we spoke about all the animals that we enjoy watching.

Moose Calf Checks In

Moose Calf Checks In at Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, WY
Two moose were exploring the area by Spring Creek Ranch’s horse corral this afternoon browsing on shrubs and eating snow. The corrals are very close to our reception building so these moose could actually be seen from our lobby!

This calf was most likely born last May and will spend another few months with its mother before separating from her.

Moose roam the grounds of Spring Creek Ranch

Moose Greets Guests at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole
This morning our guests at Spring Creek Ranch were greeted by a very special host!

Because Spring Creek Ranch is situated on a Wildlife Preserve we have several moose, deer, elk, hawks, and even a Bald Eagle flying overhead!

As our guests went off to ski at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort today, they stopped to take photos of our moose just as I had earlier.

Jackson Hole is a unique and special place, and we cherish the wildlife that share their lives with us.

Winter Wildlife at Spring Creek Ranch

Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson Spots Some Winter Wildlife

Spring Creek Ranch Wildlife
While driving up to Spring Creek Ranch this morning I was greeted by four bull elk keeping watch for our guests.

During the winter, Spring Creek Ranch is home to many different types of wildlife including mule deer, elk, and moose.

These bulls are taking it easy before they venture over the butte to the National Elk Refuge to the east.

Our guests wake up the spectacular views of the Teton Mountain Range and our resident wildlife foraging right outside their window.

This scene is a reminder of why I live in Jackson Hole.
Spring Creek Ranch Wildlife

Wedding Anniversary atop East Gros Ventre Butte at Spring Creek Ranch

Sharon Kuehn Celebrates Anniversary the Jackson Hole Way

Spring Creek Ranch Sleigh Ride
We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary with a sleigh ride at Spring Creek Ranch and dinner at the Granary Restaurant.

On our sleigh ride, we were taken to the top of the butte and the views are breathtaking! We could see Sleeping Indian and the National Elk Refuge, and of course the beautiful Teton Mountains.

Our dinner at The Granary Restaurant was fantastic. The views from the floor to ceiling windows gave us a spectacular view of the sunset over the Teton Mountain Range. For dinner, my husband and I both had fillet mignon and it was prepared to perfection.

Chef Jason Mitchell came out to our table, along with the others dining that evening as well, to see if the food had been prepared to our satisfaction. The meal, the staff, and the atmosphere were perfect!

Thank you for making our special day feel as special as it did 12 years ago!

A Highlight of Our Winter Wildlife

bighorn sheep - Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, WY
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep spend summers at relatively high elevations and require some effort for us to find them during warmer months. Fortunately, this is not the case during Winter as we are able to observe bighorns consistently (usually very close.) These agile ungulates are spectacular to watch navigate steep cliffs and seem most comfortable in locations that would intimidate most other creatures.

Most of our other large mammals have been very cooperative on recent excursions including a small herd of pronghorn that looks like it will attempt to winter in our valley. Most of our pronghorn migrate to the south during winter, so it is a little unusual to be seeing them here with snow on the ground.

Bull Moose in Grand Teton National Park

Moose - Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, WY
Animals are on the move in Jackson Hole as some species migrate away and others make smaller migrations within the valley. Many of our moose have moved away from rivers and ponds to browse on shrubs within open sagebrush habitat.

This makes them easier to find this time of year and this bull foraged contently near our most recent wildlife safari. He’ll keep his antlers for another six to nine weeks before shedding them.

Winter Birds

Winter Birds - Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, WY
As our ski season winds down for the year the local wildlife watching remains dynamic and as interesting as any other time of year. Spring migrants are getting most wildlife enthusiast’s attention these days as we welcome back red-wing blackbirds, red-tailed hawks, ospreys and mountain bluebirds.

As the snow melts in the southern grasslands of our valley, elk and bison are beginning to make their way off of the National Elk Refuge and into Grand Teton National Park.

The birds to the right are intrepid little animals that will endure our long winters rather than migrate south.

Each species can commonly be observed at feeders and from top to bottom are nuthatch, pine siskin, pine grosbeak, black-capped chickadee and mountain chickadee.