The Geysers of Yellowstone

Female Moose in Jackson Hole, WY -- Spring Creek Ranch Wildlife Safari
On a typical Yellowstone National Park excursion we are able to see several geysers erupt throughout the day, but on this week’s trip we were able to observe a total of five. During our day, we watched Old Faithful, Beehive, Lion, Great Fountain and Clepsydra erupt.

Our wildlife sightings have also been consistently strong during our safaris and moose have been especially cooperative lately. There were several moose laying along the Snake River the other day, but this female proved to be the most photogenic.

Barack Obama in Yellowstone

President Barack Obama in Yellowstone National Park - Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, WY
Moose, pronghorn, bison, beaver and spectacular views of Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic hot springs were secondary on today’s unusual excursion to Yellowstone National Park.

President Barack Obama visited the world’s first national park and we were lucky enough to watch the most famous geyser in the world along with President Obama and his family. His arrival modified our itinerary slightly, but we still managed to experience some of the most interesting aspects of Yellowstone.

Another Great Safari

Once again, our wolf and bear safari was a successful excursion with extraordinary wildlife sightings. We were able to observe three black wolves (part of the Druid Pack) in northern Yellowstone testing bison and interacting with one another.

We saw both grizzly bears as well as black bears during this multi-day expedition but other highlights included the animals that we were able to view and photograph in the above collage. We were able to witness a great-horned owl nest with chicks, a coyote ferociously eating a ground squirrel and a red fox hunting rodents (left to right).

Wolf & Bear Safari - Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson, WY