Spa Treatments

Beautifying Body Treatments ~

Quick Hydration Seaweed Body Wrap — 60 minutes

Begin with a stimulating dry body brush. Mineral-rich seaweed will be worked into the tissues and you will be wrapped in moist warm blankets. While relaxing in the wrap you will receive a tension relieving scalp massage to completely unwind. The wrap is made complete with an application of hydrating shea butter.

Divine Detox — 90 minutes

Begin with a focused massage of your choice with invigorating Deep Forest Massage Oil followed by detoxifying Rosemary Citron Scrub to awaken pores and remove dead skin cells. You will then be wrapped in moist warm towels to help trap and absorb nutrients. During your wrap enjoy a soothing scalp massage with Deep Forest Oil. After rinsing the treatment is finished with an application of moisturizing Sicilian Bergamot.

Winter Pine Package — 90 minutes

A 45-minute custom massage infused with muscle relieving Arnica oil, followed by a full body exfoliation with our signature espresso mud for the perfect wake up. After a hot shower and a generous application of shea butter, you’ll be ready to tackle any winter activity!

Backcountry Vitality Wrap — 90 minutes

A Pine Essence exfoliation, Warm Remineralizing Gel wrap, finished with Moisturizing Body Milk.

Spirit Journey — 60 minutes

Marine salt and lavender flowers are steamed in a linen sachet to create a traditional American Indian compress. Listen to nature sounds while the compress is applied to key pressure points on the body.

Mind, Body & Spirit Treatments ~

Soul Readings — 60 minutes

Take your spa experience to a whole new level! Soul Readings with Carol Mann reveal the blueprint of your soul, your current life's purpose, your soul-based talents and skills, and past life karmic patterns. Your appointment will give you an insightful and eye-opening look at who you are and how to catalyze greater fulfillment in your life right now. The sessions are one hour and will be tape recorded for you. Soul readings can be done for individuals, couples, and for your children.

Reiki, Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral, Polarity, Acupuncture, or Reflexology Sessions — 60 minutes

Select the specialized healing modality of your choice for a therapeutic and peaceful treatment with one of our highly trained therapists.