Geocaching at Spring Creek Ranch


Spring Creek Ranch is now offering guests one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in North America, Geocaching, which uses GPS technology to locate hidden “caches” that contain fun prizes and unique souvenirs. These caches can only be found utilizing GPS units that are available for rent or purchase (or bring your own).


This is a fantastic family endeavor, but is also becoming popular for groups seeking an innovative team building activity. Successful geocaching requires teamwork, communication, and problem solving skills. Spring Creek Ranch has taken this activity one step further by developing a private geocaching course on its 1,000 acre property. This private course allows us to be innovative with the activity and to offer higher quality rewards within each cache. Guests are also welcome to rent GPS units to search for the hundreds of “public” caches hidden within the Jackson Hole area. If you plan on geocaching during your stay, remember to bring fun mementos from your region to leave in each cache for others to find.


GPS rental also available. Contact us for large group rates.