Trumpeter Swans with Cygnets on Flat Creek

By on July 15, 2014 Categories: Wildlife Safari

Trumpeter Swans on Flat CreekMany species of mammals and birds give birth in Jackson Hole between mid-May and the end of June. The highlight of any of our wildlife safaris is to watch newborn elk, moose, swans and other animals as they first experience the world. On a recent dusk safari, Spring Creek Ranch guests had the pleasure of witnessing cygnets, or newborn Trumpeter Swans, swimming closely behind the lead of mom and dad on Flat Creek. Many of these birds will spend their entire life on Flat Creek, which meanders through the National Elk Refuge. This creek is fed by natural springs, causing it to stay open for most of the year and allowing it to hold one of the only year-round population of Trumpeter Swans in North America.

-Louise Lasley, Spring Creek Ranch Naturalist