Jackson Hole Whitewater Rafting


Get your adrenaline pumping this summer on a Jackson Hole whitewater rafting adventure! The Snake River is internationally known as one of the best and most consistent white water adventures in North America. Running through rapids with names like the Big Kahuna, Three Oar Deal, the California Curl, and Lunch Counter, you know that you are in for a top-notch adventure.

On a scale from I-VI, the rapids on the Snake River are class II-III during normal water flows and are termed, “pool and drop,” which means they are spaced out with calm water sections in between.

No Experience Necessary

You don’t need any experience to go whitewater rafting in Jackson Hole, and it’s a great activity for most people. Usually the minimum age is six years old, but can change with varying river conditions.

Spring Creek Ranch representatives will set you up with the right trip and may even recount some of their own tales of the Snake!  Contact us at 1-800-443-6139 to learn more!