Bedded Elk Near Spring Creek Ranch

By on February 4, 2010 Categories: Jackson Hole Winter, Spring Creek Wildlife

Spring Creek’s Derek Goodson Spots Some Elk Near the Resort

Spring Creek Wildlife
Early afternoon, as I was winding down the road from Spring Creek Ranch, I spotted a bull elk bedded down in the trees.

While elk are plentiful in the Jackson Hole, finding them bedded in the trees is not that common mostly because they blend in so well. I wonder how many Spring Creek Ranch guests drove by without even noticing these guys about 100 yards from the road?

These are the same bulls that have been wintering at Spring Creek Ranch. We thought they had moved on as they were seen on the ranch lands below the resort yesterday, but today they are back.
Spring Creek Wildlife
Perhaps, the views attract them – from this vantage point, they have a beautiful view of the Teton Mountains. Or, perhaps, they like the attention of folks like me stopping to take pictures.

Regardless, we enjoy seeing them everyday.