Your Guilt-Free, Healthy Vacation Guide

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Jackson Hole is a health mecca. From the emphasis on outdoor physical adventures to the multitude of healthy eating options, there’s really no better place to come for a healthy good time. The clean mountain air, laid-back lifestyle and abundance of health obsessed hard bodies in the area make Jackson a natural source of motivation to be your best self.

Because, let’s face it, vacation is a great time to blow off steam and abandon healthy habits. Now, we’re not saying you shouldn’t indulge in a big plate of nachos at The Spur after skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Or, that you shouldn’t have an evening getting rowdy to live music at the Pink Garter or the legendary Cowboy bar in town. There are some good times to be had here in the Wild West.

Balance is key in health, just as in skiing. So, enjoy, indulge and balance it all out with the following healthy favorites.


Healthy Being Juicery

Serving up 100% organic cold pressed juice and raw food options. Go here for a dose of vitality prepared and served with heart.

Open Monday through Saturday 8am to 6pm and located in downtown Jackson at 165 E. Broadway.

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Inversion Yoga

Heat up with some Hot Yoga at Inversion Yoga. Sweat out toxins, stretch, strengthen and get your body prepped for adventure. With a roster of amazing yoga teacher, there is a class for every skill level.

Located in downtown Jackson at 290 N. Millward

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Snowy tetons

Teton Wellness Ski Retreat

For those looking for a healthy ski trip that is pre-planned and stress free, Spring Creek Ranch offers a special package, the Teton Wellness Ski Retreat. Three days of skiing, treatments in the Wilderness Adventure Spa, private fitness or meditation classes, and wellness meals are all included in this deluxe retreat.

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Jackson Whole Grocer

Jackson’s locally owned supermarket is your one stop spot for organic, local and conventional grocery items.

Open 7 days a week from 7am – 10pm and located at 1155 S. Highway 89 in Jackson.

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The Wilderness Adventure Spa

A spa day has the ability to relax the body and refresh the spirit. Choose or combine a massage, body treatment, facial and more.

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Spiritual Spring Cleansing Weekend

We all deserve a “spiritual spring cleaning.” This full sensory weekend will refocus your energy within the fence lines of Spring Creek Ranch, 700 feet above Jackson.

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Meditation is a great relaxation technique that can be done anywhere at anytime. You don’t need to be sitting in silence in front of a fire or staring at the Grand Tetons. (Although, it doesn’t hurt!) Try the simple meditation of inhaling for 3 seconds and exhaling for 5 seconds. Repeat for as long as is comfortable. Enjoy the peace!