Never a Dull Moment!

By on January 2, 2010 Categories: Jackson Hole Winter, Wildlife Safari

Porcupine - Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, WY
Every wildlife safari offers both expected and surprising sightings. Today we were fortunate to watch a golden eagle perched near a group of rocky mountain bighorn sheep. After scowling at us for 20 minutes, this enormous predator flew off demonstrating its impressive agility and majestic presence. After sightings of coyote, elk, moose and mule deer we traveled to an area where a porcupine has been spending time.

This porcupine appears to be young and very cooperative for observation and photography. These medium-sized rodents have a very low reproductive rate which is compensated with a low mortality rate, since very few predators are willing to risk confrontation with their thousands of specialized quills.