By on January 17, 2014 Categories: Jackson Hole Winter

I’m semi-notorious for my love of snowshoeing. Somehow a rumor has even been started around town that I’m into “extreme snowshoeing.” While I don’t know exactly what “extreme snowshoeing” is, I’m definitely an enthusiast. With so many adrenaline pumping winter sports like skiing and snowboarding stealing the spotlight in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I think snowshoeing is being overlooked and under-rated. I first discovered snowshoeing after a skiing injury and even though I’m back shredding on skis, my love of snowshoeing remains. Here are my top 5 reasons why snowshoeing is awesome and you should add it to your winter sports roster.

1.) Peace and Quiet.

In Jackson, you can experience a level of silence and stillness in nature that is practically going extinct in this busy and buzzing world. I love skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort or speeding along on a snow mobile but they don’t offer the type of meditative silence that can be found when snowshoeing.

2.) Cardio.

Snowshoeing is a great workout but it also doesn’t have to be strenuous. Depending on the depth of snow you choose to walk through, it’s either an incredible cardio workout or a light walk. Unlike hiking or skinning up a mountain to go backcountry skiing, snowshoeing is an easy, low-risk way to get a cardio workout during the winter. Also, you don’t need miles and miles of terrain to cover, unlike skate skiing, because you won’t be covering more than a few miles to get your workout.

3.) Anyone can do it.

Snowshoeing is great for people of all ages and activity levels. As they say, if you can walk, you can snowshoe. I always take my out of town guests on a snowshoe because it’s a low-key adventure. Usually after a few days of skiing in the Village, my guests are ready for a break and looking to explore more terrain. Snowshoeing is easy on the body but can get you to some great vistas. If you want to come to Jackson to ski but the rest of your group isn’t as athletic, a day of snowshoeing is a great compromise. Everyone can get outdoors and enjoy the beauty without any complications or complaints.

4.) Conversation.

The peace and quiet of a snowshoe adventure also means that it is a great time to chat with friends. Side by side, walking through the snow, you have a chance to really talk to your companion, unlike a lot of other winter sports. Snowshoeing is the hiking of winter. The simplicity of the activity means you can focus on your talk or the beauty around you. This is why snowshoeing is one of my favorite friend-date options.

5.) Wildlife.

Guided snowshoe treks with naturalists, like one offered as Spring Creek Resort, are a great opportunity to learn about the wildlife of Jackson Hole and their winter habits. An expert can help you find animal tracks and explain the animals winter behaviors. You may even spot a moose or two!