Spring Creek Ranch is Wild!

By on August 10, 2014 Categories: Wildlife Safari

IMG_0448 (2)This month there has been a lot of wildlife activity on Spring Creek Ranch property! Spring Creek Ranch sits on 1,000 acres, but 75% of this has been set aside under a conservation easement, preserving prime habitat for a variety of different species. The list includes moose, deer, elk, fox, porcupine, and many more! A cow and calf moose have been spotted hanging around the pond area, cooling in the shade under aspen trees, or browsing on trees and shrubs. Many mule deer and elk pass through Spring Creek Ranch. This time of year keep a keen eye out for bucks and bulls in the early morning and early evening. They can often be spotted on the hillsides as you drive up East Gros Ventre Butte to Spring Creek Ranch. You will see antlers of all sizes covered in velvet. A porcupine has been spotted crossing the road several times during dusk, thought to be taking up residence near the culvert at the base of the hill. Bird lovers can get their fix too. Along Spring Gulch Road many raptors have been spotted perching on telephone poles, fence posts, and in nests! Recent sightings have included mature and immature bald eagles, a pair of Swainson’s hawks, osprey, and kestrels! Our wildlife safaris take guests out into Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park, but these often start and end with the incredible wildlife viewing that Spring Creek Ranch property has to offer.


-Lindsay Dreger, Spring Creek Ranch Natuarlist