What you can expect from Spring Creek Ranch

By on March 16, 2020 Categories: Spring Creek News

I wanted to share with you what you can expect from the team at Spring Creek Ranch during this unprecedented time. We understand many of you are concerned about COVID-19. We are too. 

Beautiful Jackson Hole is in an isolated valley, almost like an island. For that reason, we have always maintained careful cleanliness and safety protocols to protect the health of this area and our visitors. It is important to us.

We have always implemented the following practices.

For our staff: Health and cleanliness start with our team.

  • We ask employees not to come in if they don’t feel well. Our sick policy encourages and supports this. Employee safety protocols include wiping down phones and keyboards at the beginning and end of each shift.
  • Agents do not share work stations. We ensure hand sanitizer bottles are placed everywhere, including at work stations and check-in, as well as by the concierge for guests.
  • The same holds for our staff in the food and beverage areas – cleanliness has always been the utmost priority. Hand sanitizers are conveniently located to be used frequently throughout their shifts.

For our guests:

  • We clean rooms daily, sanitizing, and cleaning all surfaces with soap and anti-bacterial agents.
  • Our food and beverage always meets with food safety and cleanliness recommendations.

On a more personal note, I know it isn’t easy to decide on whether to travel or not. I share those concerns as my family and I make our travel plans.
Here are a few first-hand resources I watch to guide my decision-making. While the media is helpful, it can be hard to dissect between reality and hype:

I hope this helps you as you navigate the current landscape. Thank you for being a part of the Spring Creek Ranch family.


Stephen Price
General Manager