Fall in Jackson Hole

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Of course you come for summer adventure or winter skiing, but one of the finest times of the year here in the Tetons is autumn: The summer crowds have dissipated, meadow grass is long and the many magnificent animals of the area are prepping themselves for winter. That means you’re more likely to come across a herd of elk as they bugle prior to rutting activity; their mating call is a sound like no other. Or you might spot a family of bears fattening themselves on berries and bark. You’ll come across herds of bison, flocks of geese and packs of mule deer interested only in filling their bellies. Autumn is a great time to get terrific photographs to share back home, and it doesn’t hurt that the background is pure golden aspen.

At Spring Creek Ranch we pride ourselves on living in sync with the turning of the seasons and the ebb and flow of the area’s wild animals. We even offer wildlife safaris to find them, with group or private arrangements that take you deep into the recesses offered by our beautiful Teton Mountains. Whether you opt to chase bighorn sheep, wolves and bears or explore the nooks and crannies of Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park, our concierge team offers a suite of adventures that show off Jackson Hole at its finest hour.

fall in jackson hole

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And don’t forget: We can arrange group hikes with our knowledgeable field guides, or an evening under the stars complete with telescopes and the insights of Wyoming Stargazing’s own Dr. Samuel Singer. Reserve your spot now and take in all that autumn in the Rockies has to offer.