Fall Yellowstone Wolf and Bear Safari

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bears_01I visited Jackson Hole year after year as a child and never saw a bear. My family and I were always on the lookout. We pulled over every time we saw cars gathered on the side of the road in the hopes of spotting the elusive bear. We’d anxiously look around when we heard any rustling on a hiking trail. Would this be it? Were we finally going to see a bear?

Time, and time again, we spotted moose, beavers, elk, buffalo and bald eagles but the bears alluded us. I learned the hard way that bears can be tricky to come across. Finally, after four visits to Jackson, we spotted our first bear. We had to use binoculars to see clearly because the bear was so far away. We took turns, getting a glimpse and narrating the bear’s movements to those left squinting up the mountain, trying to find the brown mass.

We exclaimed, “He’s just standing there. Wait! He’s looking this way. Oh, looks like he doesn’t care about us. He’s moving to the left! I think he’s sniffing for berries!” Every movement was special. Every gesture was a new discovery. Seeing how such a powerful animal walks through the world, handles his body and assesses his environment has given me my clearest insight into the natural world. There is a part of our earth where animals rule. Here in Jackson, we are on the edge of a place where bears and wolves run the show.

The chance to see bears and wolves in their natural habitat isn’t always easy to come by, but when it happens, it’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Luckily, Spring Creek Ranch is making it possible for you to spot some of nature’s most elusive mammals: bears and wolves. Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 1.07.45 PMThe Fall Yellowstone Wolf and Bear Safari runs from October 10th to 19th. Bears and wolves are highly active during these carefully selected dates.

Yellowstone has considerably fewer visitors during the fall compared to the summer months. The relative lack of humans makes the animals more comfortable as they roam around the valley. The bears and wolves come down to lower elevations to prepare for the long winter ahead. While summer is the most popular time of year in Jackson, fall is like a hidden treasure that mainly only locals know about. The foliage turns brilliant autumn colors and the beauty rivals even the most spectacular summer day.

The time of year makes bear and wolf spotting’s more likely, but what guarantees a worthwhile adventure is the expert guidance provided by your naturalist. While bringing you to the right spots and showing you where to look, a naturalist will also give you insight beyond what you can learn in a guidebook. This trip is perfect for photographers and wildlife fanatics.

Don’t miss out on this chance to get to know the mysterious and elusive mammals of Yellowstone.

  • Dates Available: 10/09/2014 – 10/19/2014

  • Price: $1490 per person based on double occupancy, or $1925 based on single occupancy
  • Session 1: October 9th-12th, 2014

  • Session 2: October 16th-19th, 2014

To make reservations please contact the Concierge Desk at 307-732-8103.