May Flowers

By on June 3, 2009 Categories: Wildlife Safari, Wolf & Bear Safari

Bear - Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, WY
During our safaris, we strive to meet the specific interests of our participants. Today, we had a strong interest in both birds and wildflowers.

Thanks to an abundance of winter snow this year, we are currently enjoying wonderful spring wildflowers such as balsamroot, spring beauty, arnica, yellow violet, larkspur, yellowbell and Oregon grape.

Bird sightings included bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, osprey, pelicans, mergansers, bluebirds, cranes, swans and warblers. We certainly couldn’t ignore mammal sightings such as marmots, pronghorn, moose, elk, deer and bison with young calves.

Despite our botanical interests the highlight of today’s trip was this young grizzly bear, which graced us with its presence for 15 minutes as it walked nearby and lifted boulders looking for insects. Both grizzly bears and black bears consider Grand Teton National Park their home, but it is always a meaningful encounter to see them in the wild.