Summertime and the Cool Is Easy

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Right now, all across American, there are thousands of folks coolin’ their jets at a motel pool. But here in Jackson Hole, in Grand Teton National Park and in Yellowstone, there are such better options if you want to get wet.

Our concierge team at Spring Creek Ranch has all the information you need to find your perfect idea of cool and comfortable. Whether you opt for a lazy-day float down the Snake, with the superb opportunity to view the area’s spectacular and photogenic wildlife, or strap in to a whitewater raft to meet the rivers head on, there’s always a way to enjoy the “wet wild.” And we’ve even got motel pools.

River Floats

Jackson is crisscrossed by rivers, and a number of accomplished outfitters are available to deftly guide 10- and 12-person float boats from launch to landing. All you have to do is kick back and take in the view, whether that’s our stunning mountains, tumbledown settlers’ cabins, or abundant wildlife. Some stretches of the river are home to bald eagles and herds of deer and elk. You might see bison munching on deep grass, or otters and beavers working the riprap. Our concierge team can suggest the float trip that’s best for your needs and your group.


Paddleboards and Kayaks

The many lakes that dot the Greater Yellowstone provide ample opportunity to build your skill set, in some of the prettiest surroundings to be had on the planet. Whether you choose Jenny, Jackson, String or Solitude Lake, and whether you opt for a standup paddleboard (SUP) or a sit-down kayak, you’ll be doing it in the midst of broad green forests sporting an abundance of wildflowers and wildlife. String Lake is placid and shallow enough that you can be a newbie with a paddle and still come out feeling accomplished. Our concierge team can provide information on packages and daytrips to suit your needs.